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STEERON AGV's – the best choise

We look back on 25 years of experience in the field of automated guided vehicles. Our experienced team has delivered hundreds of vehicles to hospitals worldwide. We understand how a hospital operates and how to implement an automated guided vehicle in a hospital.

Why it's best?

Seemingly as if by magic, the AGVs find their way, whithout any aditional installaltion.

Saftey Features

Interacting with hospital staff and obstacles in the hospital environment like corridors lifts etc. needs a thoughtful safety package.

360 degree contact less stopping around the vehicle

Dynamic calculated protection fields depending on the speed

emergency stop buttons

Inclination sensor: ensures safe operation on a slope


The STEERON vehicle has been developed specifically for operation in hospitals to transport linen, meals, pharmaceuticals, sterilize goods, waste and much more.
The used “Contour Navigation” needs nothing but the building itself like walls, doors, columns etc. The compact vehicle design (1650x590x330 mm) with four wheels, two small powerful motors and the latest compact electronic system give the space for large batteries to drive 20 hours without charging.
The capability to drive bidirectional with >2 m/s, to turn on spot and to pick up container full automatically with a maximum payload of 600 kg, delivers the performance which is required.


Reduction of cost and process time and environment damages

Delivers reliable, efficient and safe transport

Reduction of transport time

Transport on demand for better patient satisfaction

Transparency in material flow and transport time

Transport data can be analyzed easily to optimize the transport process

fact sheet

healthcare intra-logistic material handling up to 600 kg and 2 m/s The current vehicle is about 1.7 meters long , 60 centimeters wide - and just 33 centimeters high. An integrated scissor allows raising loads up to 600 kilograms.
Miniature laser scanner, ultrasonic sensors and ground detectors provide a safe navigation. Unique to the vehicle is also the TAS - drive concept : It is extremely flat and has a very high power density.
For travel up to 2 meters per second and handle inclines of up to 7 percent of the AGV. Since the TAS is designed as a differential drive, the vehicle can be steered over a speed difference between the two drives - and even rotate if necessary on the spot. Remarkably with 93 percent of the energy efficiency of drives . It contributes significantly to the high availability of the vehicles . Use cycles of 20 hours and more are no problem . .

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